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Meeting Immigration Needs
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With over 12 years experience, Rachel V. Rao, Attorney at My Advocate P.A., represents people with a wide range of immigration concerns including relief from deportation/removal, family and employment based residency, asylum, humanitarian relief including DACA, naturalization, and nonimmigrant visas.

Common Concerns
1. What are my options for getting residency if I am in the U.S. without valid or no documents?
2. How can I bring my family members or fiance' (including gay spouse/fiance') to live in the U.S.?
3. I have received a notice denying my residency or other immigration benefit, what can I do now?
4. I have a notice to appear in immigration court, what are my options?
5. I have a criminal record. Will I be deported? What are my options? Can I still become a citizen?
6. I am very sick, I cannot return to my country. Can I continue to stay here with government permission?
7. Can my church or an employer sponsor me for a work visa or for a green card (residency)?
8. What is TPS? Can I apply for TPS? Are there special benefits for people from my country?
9. Can I come under 245(i) if my ex-husband/wife filed an I-130 petition for me before 2001?
10. Can my child still be considered my child after the age of 21 in order to get his or her green card?

Are these the kind of questions you have? If you do, please call 786-408-9129 for an appointment and Rachel Rao will help you understand your situation, the law and your options. She will represent you before the Department of Homeland Security (USCIS, CBP or ICE), Immigration Court and/or the Department of State and Department of Labor according to your needs.

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